Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Tour Of Homes

Kelly over at Kelly's Korner and The Nester are both doing a Christmas Tour of Homes today.  I am so excited about this! I am looking for some seriously good ideas for Christmas decorating.   I am just now starting to build up my Christmas stash.  I really, really wanted to do two trees this year but I have just ran out of time!!!   Here is a little bit of our Christmas cheer...

 The Tree
We went with colored lights this year.  Next year I  have to go back to white.  The left side looks like it's lacking ribbon but I swear it's there!
some of our favorite ornaments this year...

The Mantle
{just this week we hung our TV above our fireplace.  Our house is little and this really is the best place for it, just taking some getting used to}

 I bought these Poinsettia picks at Target last year.  I was so disappointed in Target's Christmas section this year. 
 This is Aidan's stocking. How funny that I bought these when I was pregnant with him and he is now a firetruck fanatic.  Mother's intuition I guess?
 You would know by now that this is my stocking if I had taken any time in the past three years to get these monogrammed.
 Skiing Santa belongs to Adam.
 I used these Apothecary jars that I have used a hundred times for other things on my mantel this year. I just filled them with leftover ornaments.  The mason jars were already on the mantle as was the candle vase. I just added clear ornaments to them.

Entry Way Table & Wreath
{this is the dresser that used to house our TV. I am liking it sooo much better this way!}

 I made this banner this year to hang across this mirror. I just painted some card stock red and traced the letters with a pencil and then painted glue on and added the glitter. After that I made some holes and strung the ribbon through.  I think it turned out really cute!
 This is my wreath.  Funny story.  I had ribbon wrapped around it, and an "H" ornament hanging from the center and the other day it fell off the door when Adam was leaving for work.  It basically fell apart and this was what was left.  I was too lazy to put it all back together.  Ha!

Dining Room Table & Other Little Christmas Things

 These are the candles I made with Epsom Salt recently.  I hung the ornaments from my chandelier and added a few to the candle stands I already had. 
 I love using these little Santa plates during the holidays. They give Aidan a reason to ask about Santa {or HO HO as he refers to him}.  We will be using them for Santa's Christmas cookies this year too!!!
 A bowl of ornaments in the playroom.
 Every year for Christmas, Adam's grandmother gives me something FOR Christmas.  Two years ago it was Christmas dish towels....
 and last year it was this adorable Santa platter.

And Last but not Least...Adam wanted me to share "McAdamville" with you all...

 as I am typing this there is a little flurry happening outside. 
and this post would not be complete without the best part of my Christmas this year...this little guy. 

Merry Christmas Y'all! Thanks for stopping by! Can't wait to check out every one's Christmas decorating!!!


Emily Powell said...

I love your table center piece...I plan on doing something like that next year...I feel like mine this year was a bust :( Live and learn!

Jenny H said...

I was loving the beautifully decorated inside and when I reached the pic of the McAdamville" I cracked up! Ok still chuckling! Thanks for sharing that part.
I love the warm family feel of all your Christmas decor. You always have a nice talent at decorating.
We have a tv above our mantel and it can be chalenging to decorate around, but you did a great job!
Also I love the piece at the entry way. I love lamps with dark shades, it set a nice warm mood.
One last thing.... maybe those flurries will come back next week for Christmas! I still can't believe it's as cold as it is here!
Sending warm wishes your way!

Unknown said...

Love your apothecary jars - saw some lovely (cheap) ones in New England this summer but couldn't get them back to Ireland intact.

Love that Santa gets called Ho Ho - so cute.

Thanks for the blog visit - greetings from Ireland

LWLH said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog...I love your decorations as well...I would love to have a big front yard to decorate! :)

Trac~ said...

I love all of your decorations - they are just beautiful! The little guy is definitely the best part of Christmas and every day - he's an absolute doll! Thanks for your sweet comments on my decorations as well. Have a great day! :)

Sarah said...

You did a great job! And, it's funny that your wreath isn't actually complete because when I saw the picture I thought how much I liked it because it was so minimalist! Haha!

Jessica @ This Blessed Life said...

Hi April! I stopped by yesterday to see your Christmas tour and now I'm your newest follower. I think you have great taste and I'm loving your sense of humor! Happy to be here! :)

Kate G. said...

I LOVE your "be merry" sign!! I might just have to borrow that idea for next year... It looks great! (But it always does...)

Blessed Beyond said...

I love it all. Mcadamville is wonderful! And I love the be merry sign! Thank you for sharing,

Lisa said...

Everything looks so beautiful! Your little guy is so cute! I hope you and your family have a blessed Christmas!!!!

Tina @ Girl Meets Globe said...

You're stockings are so cute! Merry Christmas!