Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Chatter at 626

We all know and love the blogs entitled "Conversations with a Three Year Old" but now it is time to introduce you to..."The Chatter at 626".    Now you can be part of the silly little things Adam and I say to each other that I think are funny enough to put here.   I can almost promise none of it is as exciting as what Aidan has to say.  But we try.

April:   (Laying in bed) Baby, I am freezing.

Adam:  (Looking over at me) I couldn't tell when you got in to bed with a long sleeve t shirt under a cardigan and leggings on under your sweatpants.  Wait, wait (feeling around for my feet with his) I forgot the two pairs of snowboarding socks.

April: Hee Hee.

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