Monday, November 15, 2010

You Can DIY Too...Pottery Barn Pillow Cover Look Alikes

So in this post I gave you a little sneak peek at one of my little projects I have been working on.  Are you ready to see what I've been up to?? 

I had been wanting a little something to throw in the armchairs at the end of my dining room table because they are well BORING.  I loved these pillows from Pottery Barn but I didn't need something quite this big and I thought to myself, I can make something similar to those with some fabric I have in my stash and some fabric paint. 

And of course you {might}want to know how I did this...SUPER DUPER EASY
I picked a font on my computer, blew it up and traced it, via computer screen,  to on to my good friend Contact Paper.   Then I cut it out with my craft knife.
 I measured my pillows {these particular ones are 12x18} and then cut four pieces of fabric 14x20 so I would have a little extra fabric to sew on {those of you that sew know all about this} and there would be a little wiggle room for the pillow.
Then I pinned the fabric together so it wouldn't move all over the place when I put it on the sewing machine {do you put it on or in the sewing machine??} and I can't even lie, I draw lines to sew on because me and straight lines apparently don't get along.
See the blue lines? They are on the inside so what does it matter.
 I sewed the top and two sides and created this "pocket".  Flipped it inside out and stuck the pillow in it to make sure it all looked good before I proceeded.  I feel so funny telling you all this because you probably already know what to do.  
 Once I was sure the fit was perfect, I took the pillow out, measured to find the center of the pillow cover and taped the stencil to the cover.  Then I took black fabric paint and went to town {that is my lingo for painting the pillow cover}.  And this is how it turned out...

 Not too bad right? I am wishing now that I had ironed this fabric first. I did wash it!
I sewed a little zipper to the bottom  but I am too scared to show you that finished project up close because it was my first one!   Haha!

 Here she is.  I gotta tell you, I still think the chair looks a little boring but I love the pillow.  I wish I had added a nice little fringe for some more color.
 The cover for the other chair is ready to go minus the zipper but it says "Live".  I thought that would look better in a dining chair than "Laughter".   I want to go back and add the smaller words to the bottom I just wanted to make sure I would actually use them first.  When I do it, I will post it.  I will just make another stencil and paint it on as well.

What would a DIY post be without a few sneak peeks as to what I have coming up. 

Monogrammed Ornaments for our tree and for gifts for the family.

Dining Chair Slipcover Make Over

Limited Edition Designer Parsons Slipcover

I want to show you everything now but what fun would that be??

I am linking up to the DIY Showoff again this week!  I  have to tell you, I am so glad I found this blog, I am thoroughly enjoying all the DIY projects! I am getting so many great ideas!  If your a DIY (er) check it out!!!!

I am also linking up to Tutorial Tuesdays @ Hope Studios and The Craft Link Party @ Polly Want a Crafter.

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You are extremely talented! I left you an award on my blog!