Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Sometimes Aidan crawls out of his bed in the middle of his night {also known as the start of ours} and comes in to our room and says he is scared.   I am pretty sure this is all a big fib because when you ask him "what of" he looks at you kind of crazy like he just heard somewhere that's what you should say when you want to get out of your bed in the middle of the night.  

But being the softees that we are, we milk it and let him climb in to bed for a while and he eventually falls off in to a deep sleep and all feels right in our worlds.  He's no longer scared of nothing and we are no longer wishing he could just sleep in our bed forever. 


Amanda said...

So cute - I just love that kid

Joanna said...

awww he's so angelic :) your camera is pretty good, the picture is SO clear :)