Friday, November 5, 2010

Dear Computer Gods,

Please, please, please have mercy on my little Toshiba baby.  I have been so good to her.  What did I do to deserve this?  Better yet, what can I do to prevent it in the future?  I've done everything right. I keep up my Spyware subscription, I do bi weekly disc sweeps {I think that's what they are called} to clear up unused space.  I  let her sleep on top of my pjs in the basket beneath my bed.  I  use the spray stuff that can freeze off your fingers to keep the junk between her keys to a minimum. 

Luckily, out of the blue I started to copy all of our photos on to discs recently.  I had no idea this was coming.  I didn't get them all and that makes me so sick to my stomach.  It  brings tears to my eyes.  I never was one to delete my photos from camera until I thought I was on the right track to backing up and BOOM she just decided she doesn't want to load up on Wednesday.   What could I have done wrong?  Could you have warned me?  Thank you for giving me the time to get the video of Aidan's first steps. 

She's not that old.  I remember the day I first opened that box and she gleamed that metallic silver and the screen was so fresh and clean.   I have recorded so much of my life on that computer.  The keys that spell out LOVE have the most wear.  Can you please try to bring her back to life?  I  have left her with the best computer doctors money can buy. Even though it means I will have to give up the fall shopping spree I have been putting money aside for.   My husband says he will just buy me a new one but do you know the emptiness I feel thinking about all of my favorites being gone, my pictures being lost, the way I arranged my icons perfectly on my home screen.  The flawless picture I took of Aidan when I first got my new camera is gracing my home screen.   Ugh the thought is almost unbearable.  Oh Dear God, my iTunes.  I just remembered you.  I'm sick now.

Please Computer Gods, have mercy on me and my laptop.  I'll buy her a spiffy new padded case if you spare her.  I won't download anything I don't REALLY need ever again.  I will back up everything.  Every last thing.  And lastly,  I will prevent Aidan from dropping her that one time and breaking the plastic around where I plug her in.  You remembered that, I didn't want you to think I forgot. 

Thanks and love,
April Harvey

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