Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Christmas Wish List

Am I the only one who can't believe Thanksgiving is this week and Christmas is only weeks away???  The holidays are one of my most favorite times of the year and I feel like I am going to blink and they will be over with!  2010 is gone!!!  The best part of the holidays is spending time with my family {and the amount of time Adam requires of us to cuddle because he is always freezing}.   We all get so busy with our lives during the rest of the year but during the holidays it seems like we all slow down to spend quality time with each other.  My little brother Jordan comes home from Clemson and we all catch up, decorate my mom's house, eat until we pop, reminisce about past Christmas', tease my mother about everything she does {lovingly} and of course celebrate the true reason for the season. 

My husband has been hounding me to compile my Christmas wish list for him so earlier today I took a few minutes to do that and figured I could turn it in to a blog post while I was at it!

I really, really want a new watch. I am loving this ceramic one by Chanel  Michael Kors.  It's over sized and would be cute with everything!

Also by Michael Kors, this over sized Gold watch.  I have been lusting after it for more than a  year and I think it's time for it to make it's way to my wrist.  

Classic Tall Uggs in Black.  To wear with my jeans and sweats.  They are not fashionable but they are comfortable and as much time as I spend chasing around a three year old, these would be great. 

Stocking stuffer ideas??  I need some new make up...
Eyeliner Smudge Stick in Black. 

Illuminating foundation also by Stila in 30 watt.

NARS Silk Road Duo Eyeshadow 
 I sleep in this a few nights a week. It is sooooo comfortable and I want a new one. 
Victoria's Secret
Ribbon Trim Nightie  
Canterbury Knit Nightie.  Looks comfy as well.
 Eyelet Slip

 It's time for a new purse.  I love my Louis but I haven't really switched it up in a while.  I haven't seen anything at Coach in a long time but I like the size of this bag and the simplicity of the black leather.
Madison Leather Julianne Tote by Coach

By recommendation of my husband,  I need some new sunglasses.  My Tarjay sunnies apparently need to be tossed.

I love big.  These are the Waverly sunglasses by David Yurman. 
I love the brown and gold.
These would be great too.  I love them.
Tom Ford Raquel Sunglasses

That's really all I can think of right now. I am sure some of you have some ideas too  so send them my way.  I think this list gives him plenty of options.  Don't you?

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Beth McC. said...

We are on the same page because I have that Coach bag, watch and sunglasses on my list too!~