Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Pre School Thanksgiving Feast

This year I was asked to be the room mom for Aidan's class. I have been pretty surprised at how much work it involves but to be honest, I have loved every minute of it.  This is so cheesy but I have always wanted to be room mom.  Haha!

So my first big event was our Thanksgiving Feast the Tuesday before Thanksgiving.  Here are the pictures from the big day.

Aidan's placemat and food.

 The tables set up in the classroom.
 I try to explain to all of my friends that Aidan's classroom is a tree house and no one gets it. So, I finally took a picture.  When you walk in the door of the classroom this is to the left.  You can see the walkway with the netting around it that the kids can walk all the way across the room to get to this...
 side.  It's pretty cool and I am sure every 3 year old's dream come true.
The kids sitting on their spots on the rug listening to Ms. Courtney.

Aidan getting dressed up as a pilgrim and indian.

 The whole class with Ms. Courtney and Ms. Karin
 My little pilgrim eating a pumpkin muffin.
 Sitting in the treehouse after lunch.  This picture was not posed.
 Getting ready to sing a song.  (I am not sure why Calvin has a bandage on his head but I did hear he actually had some kind of injury)

Here is a little video of them singing their Thanksgiving song.  I started the video a little late but it's still so cute!

Next Up...Christmas Show.

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