Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sunday Night HBO

If Adam and I could have married you we would have.  Until now.  I was cracking up last night thinking about a chat we had with my cousin over dinner in Boston this past weekend about our favorite Sunday night HBO shows.  We all hate them right now.

In order. 
True Blood. 

Tara. Why do you get to live? You suck. Jason, stop carrying wooden bullets and then that bia bite the dust already.

Bill. You are not hot. Why Sookie thinks so in real and vampy life we do not know.  You are just whack all the way around. 

Eric.  Please call Adam he is dying to know if you will die.

Probably at the top of the list.  Who doesn't love a little prostitution on the side.  Well us.  Because if you want it you have to listen to T Brain.  Tanya makes me want to shoot myself in the brain. 

Lenore we know you will never let Jessica leave her needy husband and go back to Ray and not spill the beans about his whoring ways.  Why though? Why?  

WTH.  If it weren't for Ari being self destructive would we even watch anymore? No. Not at all.

The acting has always been terrible.  But they have reached an all time low this season.  We can barely make it through the 24 minutes of Vincent Chase.  Holy disaster.  Did you see the bag of cocaine Lloyd found last night?  Vince is in some trouble.  I kept asking Adam what the big deal was the Lloyd found a bag of flour while looking for Tequila.  I'm naive. 

Two words.  Porn Star.  No one is ever going to take you seriously again.

And now Johhny Drama is going to be a cartoon monkey.  Enough said.

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Kate G. said...

Haha. This made me laugh... Of course, we watch all of these shows so I appreciate your opinions. Vince IS in serious trouble and I actually feel bad for Ari. And did you know that Sasha Gray really IS a porn star? She's playing herself. Just realized this last night. Every week I'm like, "she is such a bad actress" and now it all makes sense...