Friday, August 13, 2010

I'm in Hiding

Tonight at 9:30 I decided I was going to get in bed and watch a movie.  I thought that Adam would follow suit and boy was I wrong. 

It started with a little clanging of pots.  I thought maybe he is doing the dishes from dinner.   Then, a little more time passed and I heard the water running in the sink and cabinets opening and closing.  I thought ok, maybe he is finally washing out my mixing bowl he used to paint.  A little bit more time passes and I get out of bed and go to the kitchen.

Me: Babe, what are you doing?
Adam: Reorganizing the kitchen.
Me: Why?
Adam: Because it needed to be done.
Me: Well I was actually going to make that a project in the next couple of weeks.
Adam: Now you don't have to worry about it.  Give me a kiss and go get back in bed and finish your movie.

Latest.  He is now organizing the laundry room.  Just came in with an Ikea catalog and a plan for reorganization. 

He hasn't asked for any help and I'm just going sit in here and hide and let him go at it.  He's doing such a good job I wouldn't even know where to jump in.



I might be dreaming just a little bit but this is soooo exciting.


Jenny H said...

Wow, Jealous! You go girl ;) What are you feeding him? I might need to feed a little to J! lol Have a great weekend!

Melissa said...

I love the three washing machines!!!!! Hahahahahahaha!

Megan said...

man, what an AMAZING husband you have!!!! where did you find him, and how can i get one?!!! ;0)