Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Reagan's Blob

Everytime I am dancing around here thinking I am super mom, I think about this young lady. I found her through cjane.  Close in age to me, with a sweetie little three year old (just like Aidan) named Piper.  Reagan is a super duper wonderful mommy.  Her little girl lives in a hospital because she is dependent on a ventilator and Reagan and her husband Jake live in NYC and make the trek to see her as much as possible every week.  

Holy life changing craziness. I CAN NOT imagine.  But some how Reagan manages to do the mom thing, the wife thing and work as a successful hair stylist in the city.  She's pretty and skinny too.  Big sigh. I am now removing myself from my little pedestal.  I know it must be so so so hard and although I would never want to be in the position to have to leave my child everyday, when I read Reagen's blob (as she calls it) there is so much of her I only hope will rub off on me while I read about her visits with Pip.   

Adam loves for me to read to him about Pip and her parents and then begs to see her newest pictures.  Even Aidan has been getting in on the fun.  We laugh and we cry and I pray we will gain some strength to be better parents like those two and that they keep their strength and that Piper grows up to be really old and Reagen will keep the blob up the whole time.  Seriously, if you are in the mood for a new blog or blob read, get over and read about this family.  I am even in the process of reading all the way back to the start of her blog.  I promise you that Piper will fill your heart right up.  

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Lindsay said...

Your husband begs to see pictures. How sweet :-*