Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Adam's Mancation

Adam was in West Virginia Thurs-Sun four wheeling with his friends.   Adam and I spend a good bit of time together so when he is not around it's sometimes hard to find things to entertain myself.   We can't even talk to him when he is gone because everyone has Verizon and the only place in the country you can't get Verizon service is where they stay on the mountain.   Go figure. 

Aidan was so depressed.  Thursday when Adam left he cried for around an hour and I decided we should probably get out of the house to take his mind off Adam leaving.  We ended up at TJ Maxx where Aidan proceeded to cry in his stroller the entire time that he wanted his Daddy. I found myself saying really loud "Daddy will be back on Sunday" so people didn't think I had just kidnapped him or anything. 

When we went to bed it got even worse.  Aidan was whimpering and complaining about how much he missed his Daddy and could not sleep. He ended up passing out on my chest at around 2am with tears still running down his cheeks.   I have never seen anything like it.

It got a little bit better for Friday and Saturday.  When I say better I mean he said he missed Adam only every 5 minutes versus every 30 seconds.   Once Sunday rolled around it seemed like an eternity waiting for Adam to get home. Aidan cried all day and asked me every other minute where he was.  Finally they were reunited just before bed time on Sunday night and Aidan went crazy. 

Adam is not allowed to go on a solo trip again this year.  It was way too much work missing him.

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Kari said...

Aww! That is pitiful! { I would have said and done the same in the store, too! hahaha} He is a daddy's boy, huh!?