Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Adventures of Spike Jones

A few Sunday nights ago I went out to dinner at Soul with some girlfriends (Ashley and Jen to be exact) and before I tell you about Spike, let me just tell you if you live in the area, Soul is a must.  It's Tapas which I don't usually love but they do it right. Don't judge me on this list but I had the Fried Goat Cheese on Bruschetta, Philly Roll (yup they do sushi), Truffle fries, and spicy Feta Dip.  Woo.  Small portions but more that enough food.

Back to business.  I check my phone before we are getting ready to leave and I have 7 missed calls. Yup, 7 from Adam.  My heart like fell out of my body.  My husband who sends me on my way to eat, never bothers me for a thing, called me 7 times.  We must have an emergency on our hands.

I call him back. "Babe?".  That's all I got out.  Adam is huffing and puffing and he manages to tell me when he and Aidan got home he realized Spike, aka Spike Jones, aka Spikey, get the point had fallen in the bucket of paint and there were paw prints all over the house!!!!!!! 

Now for blogging purposes if I had been the one to get home first I would have taken pictures of this disaster before I started cleaning but my husband did not.  He got right down to business and by the time I hugged the girls by, finished my drink and drove home, he had the place cleaned. 

Spike Jones on the other hand was a HOT PAINT MESS.  Sadly, Spike is now with fewer gorgeous strands of fluffy fur.  I googled my brains out looked for ways to get the paint out but turns out the majority of people think "It's just a little hair, cut it and it will grow back."   Not so good for our little guys self esteem I tell ya.  I tried to do the best I could without making him uncomfortable. I wish he would sit still long enough so I could even him out but he's just not having it.  His little paws are hopeless.  Luckily, the primer (it actually isn't even paint) is water based so if he allows I can probably get some off every day in the sink if he will sit long enough.

Here are some pics of our poor guy:



You can still see how much paint he has on him. Poor guy.

We are now two weeks post paint accident and besides the goofy haircut, you can almost barely tell he had any paint on him.


Kate G. said...

Do we have the same rug?? If not, you have great taste, friend.

Melissa said...

Hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!! I wish you would have gotten some pictures of his little paw prints everywhere.