Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Whole Lotta Who The Heck Knows...

This post isn't really about any one thing, just some updates about the Harvey's. MMMkay?

Well first, I have to share something funny with you. Funny to me anyways. Adam's grandfather lives about 5 blocks away from us but he is from Long Island, NY. He actually has a thick accent but to add to it, he's old so it makes it even better. So lately, Adam and I have been doing this Santa voice in Adam's grandfather's voice. To us, it is hilarious. I am thinking about video taping it and putting it on here. We say "Ho, Ho, Ho Merry Christmas, this is Santy Claus. I'm coming to Aidan Haaaavey's house this year."

Then, just tonight, I think we got a little "ghetto" with our accent. We are now saying "Ho, Ho, Ho Merry Crimas, yo dis be Santa Claus, I'm coming to my homie Aidan Harv's crib for Crimas. Hope he been good dis year."

I know, we need help. For some reason, we always do it in the car and we just die laughing. Aidan, has NO CLUE what is going on. He just laughs with us.

Secondly, we have OFFICIALLY decided we are not buying a Crimas tree this year. My parents were in Manhattan last weekend and they had yet to put up a tree. We bought a big tree for their house and decorated it as a surprise for them when they got home. They were thrilled!! My mom said the whole plane ride home she was dreading having to do her tree this week. Long story short, with less than two weeks left until Crimas, we figured we would just enjoy their tree with them. We stay at their house Crimas eve anyways. Aidan is enjoying the lights I put up on the mantel.

Thirdly and lastly, I still have NO CLUE what to get Adam for Crimas. I ruled out the basketball hoop. I NEED HELP PEOPLE! I am leaning towards a nail gun and air compressor. See, I told you, I NEED HELP! Happy Tuesday xoxoxoxoxox

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Kate G. said...

My husband is on board with the power tools concept... Otherwise, I have no clue!

This post made me laugh... Merry Chrimas.