Saturday, December 26, 2009

Dining Room Mini Make Over

I have been extremely burnt out on our dining room color for some time now. We painted it that color when we moved in to the house a little over three years ago. My girlfriend Candace and spent HOURS painting the gold and silver metallic stripes on the bottom. Before I knew anything about paint, we chose a semi gloss finish and I have been regretting it ever since. For Christmas, one of the things I asked for was for Adam to paint the dining room and kitchen. We got up this morning and we were on a mission. I have been dreaming about painting the dining room a soft turquoise color (Sherwin Williams Festoon Aqua) to be exact but when we got to Home Depot today, I had a serious change of heart. For those of you who know us personally, know that I have an addiction to redecorating every couple of months. Well, Adam and I have promised ourselves we aren't going to do anything different to the house in 2010 in an attempt to save some money. So, I needed this color to be perfect. And perfect it is. I absolutely LOVE how it turned out. I stole some items from other areas in the house and switched out the buffet lamps and Adam hung the picture everyone signed at our wedding that my parent's framed for us for Christmas this year. So without further adieu....


We had pictures of us taken as a family last year and we put them in these $5 frames from Ikea and hung them on the wall in this arrangement. After we got married I had a slight obsession with all things "H". I bought this one at Anthropologie and had yet to use it anywhere. I had Adam hang it above these pictures and I think it looks really good.

I am kinda bummed you can't see the picture of Adam and I in the middle of the frame here. It's a gorgeous photo of us at my girlfriend Natalie's wedding on Seabrook Island, SC. We had it matted and everyone signed it at our wedding. It's pretty hilarious to read what people write after a few glasses of champagne. I stole the lamps from the playroom and that is a bouquet that one of my bridesmaids carried during my wedding.

The glass candle sticks are from Crate & Barrel and were a wedding gift. We use the CD player to listen to music when we entertain. Eventually, we are going to break down and buy an iHome and put it there but this works for now. I am also hoping to get rid of the black dining room chairs and get some ivory colored slip covered ones with our monogram on them . I did despise the chandelier but it's not sooo bad with the new color.
And yes I do realize I did not show you two walls and that is because we haven't hung anything on them yet and the window treatments are a work in progress. When we get around to it, I'll be happy to show you.
It's amazing what a few coats of paint can do to a room isn't it?

**Paint Color: Pencil Point, Behr Ultra**

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Kate G. said...

Great job April!! Now you're giving me an itch to change something up, but I'm not sure we have enough space to do something new.

Eager to hear about the whole Blackberries thing too!