Thursday, December 10, 2009

So Silly...

OK I know this is so silly but Adam has been out of town on business for two days and I am missing him like CRAZY. I know it's only two days. I can't imagine what the family members of people who go to war for month and years feel like.

I am so grateful to have my best girlfriends around to chitty chat with and somewhat fill the void of not having Adam home but JEESE. Am I sappy or what? I would have been asleep at least two hours earlier last night had he been here to tell me about his day and kiss me goodnight.

I never take advantage of the fact that he is usually here every night. There have been a few times in the past where he has been gone for two weeks at a time for work and I cried like a baby everyday he was gone. Those weeks did not fly by and Aidan was so small. I do enjoy my alone time with the little guy but even he missed Adam terribly. Every time a car drives by, he jumps up on the sofa, peers through the blinds and yells "Mama!! Dada Home!" It's depressing to have to keep telling him just a couple more days. It will be nice to get up in the morning and tell him Daddy's coming home today. I don't know who will be more excited me or him. It is nice too that Adam misses us just as much. When he calls you can hear the home sickness in his voice. Anyways, tomorrow we will all be back together and we have two Christmas parties to attend tomorrow night!!!

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