Sunday, October 13, 2013

Kellan 10 Months

Our little man is just two months shy of his FIRST birthday! I cannot believe that!  I can still remember how warm he was when they put him on my chest for the first time.  I say this all the time but goodness does the time fly. 
Every month he changes a little bit more. He has been such a different baby than Aidan, it's like learning to parent a baby from the very beginning.  

He sleeps 7:30-7:30ish,gets up just to drink a bottle and goes right back down until 9:30 or 10.  Which is wonderful because it gives everyone else time to get their day going around here.  If we are headed out early on the weekends, he takes this nap in the car.  He also takes an afternoon nap if we are home.  He may snooze in the car if we miss it but if not he's OK.  If he misses that morning nap, he's off all day.  He's primarily sleeping on his belly now! 

This month he has four teeth!  He still struggling with choking but it's getting better everyday.  I have to give a lot of credit to Adam because he will feed him and help him when he chokes.   He's still primarily eating baby food out of the squeeze packs.  He loves anything having to do with fruit.   He wants nothing to do with a sippy cup.  We have tried to introduce it numerous times only to be met with a screeching baby.  

He weighs 23lbs according to my parents scale.  He is wearing 12-18 month clothing.  They were a little big on him but we didn't have anything left in 9-12 that was warm enough for the cooler weather.   Wearing a size 4 diaper. 

I thought he would be walking by now but he seems to love crawling.  And he is so fast.  He's a speed crawler for sure.  He pulls up on everything and loves to yank stuff off of tables, Aidan's desk...basically whatever he can get those little mitts on.   He stands alone without meaning to and once he notices sits down immediately.

He is still obsessed with his brother.  Everything Aidan does is hilarious.   We are so lucky Aidan has been so patient with him.  I can count on one hand how many times Aidan has been frustrated with him in the past 10 months.  They mostly just love the heck out of each other which we think is wonderful.

Kellan and Aidan stayed with my parents over night together for the first time since he was born.  It was our first night away from him.  I'm just realizing this as I am typing it! What a milestone!  And I can't believe it took us almost ten months! We went to my girlfriend Amie's wedding in town and my parents basically kidnapped them for the night.  My mom said he was perfect.  

Have I mentioned before he is not a real fan of the car.  No road trips in our near future.  He can handle an hour or so but after that its scream city.

We took the boys camping on our friends property in Waxhaw.  We had promised Aidan we would let he and his BFF camp.  I didn't realize we would all end up in the tent (I was planning on sleeping indoors) but that's not how things worked out and before I knew it,  Kellan and I were wide awake all night while the boys all sawed logs around us.  It was miserable for us both and we slept all day the next day.  

He loves people.  Everywhere we go people stop to talk to him because he is so smiley.  It's pretty cute! 

I'm hoping time slows down a little bit.   I'm trying to soak in all the baby-ness he has to offer but I have to admit its a lot harder slowing down with two kiddos.  Especially with Aidan being so active.  But I try!  I've started planning his birthday party and as badly as I would like for him to not reach that milestone, it's gonna happen.  Sooner than later.

We love you so much Kellan! 

Cute, right? 

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Andrea Kelly said...

I dont know why this post is just now showing up for me.... but I wanted to comment about the sippy cup...S hates it too...whats with that?