Thursday, October 10, 2013

Decorating for Fall- Wreath Tutorial-Sort Of

Every Fall I try to make a wreath.  I don't always aim to keep it inexpensive and relatively simple but this year I felt a little out of practice.  So this way if I hated it, I didn't break the bank and it was good practice for better wreaths in the future.  

I had seen some tutorials on burlap ribbon wreaths on Pinterest that seemed easy enough. 

I took the boys to Hobby Lobby to get supplies.  I let Aidan pick out the ribbon colors.  He picked Panther colors so it had doubled as a Fall and Panthers wreath.  I've been looking for a Carolina Panthers "broach" of sorts to add to it for next season.  

This is what you need:
A wire wreath form
Floral wire
Burlap ribbon in your color of choice
A contrasting burlap ribbon for your bow if you want one
And a wood initial if you want to add one 

This is how easy this was.  All you have to do is loop the burlap ribbon loosely around the wreath form while creating billowy loops and secure them with floral wire every 3 inches or so. 

Tie a bow with your contrasting fabric and secure it with the floral wire. 

If you are adding a monogram letter, to make it look like it's floating I used white sewing thread and tied it on. 

Voila...Fall Wreath.  Less than $15.  

Now that I know I still have it in me, things may get a crazier at Christmas time.
Deluxe Merry Christmas deco mesh Wreath by DzinerDoorz on Etsy
image via
If you make one, post a link in my comments...would love to see it! 

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