Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A Little De-Cluttering

The thing about living in such a tiny house is, any bit of clutter is too much.

Our kitchen was an area of our house we felt was over flowing with JUNK!  I was honestly dreading having to get on a stool and clean out our cabinets but it had to be done!  

Well I lucked out and Adam (this is not the lucky part) had an asthma attack one night and couldn't sleep so he knocked the project out for me! I woke up the next day and was thrilled!  And Adam was so proud of himself! 

I didn't take before photos but trust, this was a project.  We are talking 7 years of too many baby items, random water bottles, expired baking supplies etc.  

This 31 days is turning in to a family affair and I kinda love it. 

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