Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Moving Furniture

It's only day two of The Nester's 31 Days (maybe day three for those of you that started ahead of me) and I am already so excited about what this 31 Days of "Fall"ing back in love with our house is doing for me.

Our living room furniture has changed a lot over the years but the lay out has stayed relatively the same.  It always seems just when the time is right my husband starts speaking my language.  The language of furniture re arranging that is. 

No one is claiming this is the best use of space.  But it works for us.  If there was a word I would use to describe the feel I am going for in our home it would be "COZY" and I think that's just what we've achieved here. 


I really love the way we moved everything around.  The chair and a half was my parents and they were trying to get rid of it and these days comfort/function trumps space saving.  It's a Mitchell Gold piece and so comfortable!  On Friday nights we push the coffee table up against the wall and make a giant pallet on the floor and have movie night. 
I have my eye on a pair of new lamps for the buffet table so I'll do a re post if I buy them!

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