Sunday, October 6, 2013

Decorating for Fall-Indoors

We are on Day 6 of The Nester's 31 Day Challenge.  I'm still motivated!

It's been forever and a year since I've been able to decorate for a season around here.  I promised myself if we made the final decision to take the house off the market (would you think we were nuts if I told you we had full price offers) and stay put that I would get back in the groove of things and bring this place back to life season to season.  
Adam spent some time organizing the attic recently and I made sure he moved all of our Fall/Halloween stuff to the front so it would be easily accessible for me when the time came.
Part of the excitement in decorating our house for me comes from the children.  Adam and I have a saying "it's for the kids".  I have convinced myself that decorating our home for the seasons with be a sweet memory our children cherish as the grow up.   Aidan loves to help out.  I think he loves it anyways.  He could be indulging me because he knows how much I love it.
After I lugged our Rubbermaid's down from the attic I made the realization that this year "less is more" would be a good theme for us because Kellan is in to everything.  I skipped decorating the dining room table, the mantle and putting anything in our bedrooms because we spend so much time in them.  I was having  visions of the baby pulling my runner off the table and everything crashing to the floor. 
So I put a few artificial pumpkins out here and there and put a Fall quote on our chalkboard and honestly, I'm loving it.  We all love it.  It's just enough for this year and it has definitely brought back the excitement about us being here in this house.

Next up is outdoors!

(Back of the toilet in our bathroom.  Missing our pumpkin candle.  Guess who grabbed that?)

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