Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Kellan Adam 11 Mos

I can't believe our munchkin is going to be a year old in just one short month.
Crazy how fast the past 11 months have flown by!
We saw our new pediatrician this month and finally got some updated stats on you.
Ready for this?
You are 29lbs 15.5oz and 29 inches long. 
Daddy was cracking up.  That's a lb. an inch!
100th percentile.
Your Dr. said to us "you never hear anyone say they love a skinny baby".  We laughed so hard.
He assured us you would thin out just like your brother did.  We are not one bit concerned.  Your a doll and I don't want you to loose your cheeks!!
You got a few shots and cried so hard.  You were so upset. 
Then they drew blood from your finger and put a band aid on it.  You would have thought they sawed the finger off.  You screamed bloody murder over a band aid.
You were waving your finger at Daddy like "get this OFF".
It was kind of cute.

You now have six teeth and are starting to eat a lot more.  We are on a restaurant hiatus because you grab at everyone's food but your own and it's impossible for anyone else to eat.   No biggie.  We cut your bottles back to 4 ounces and you are still loving your purees.  You eat whatever Aidan eats cut up really small.   You are sort of taking a sippy cup.  You don't prefer them but I think you have realized that sometimes it's either the sippy cup or you go hungry.  Life is so unfair.
Speaking of Aidan.  Your may just be OBSESSED with him.   OBSESSED.  Thank goodness for his patience and his mutual obsession with you.  I'm amazed at how much fun you two can have with such an age gap between you but you do.    Daddy and I sit back and watch you to play for hours sometimes. 

You sleep like a champ.  I've been lucky with good sleepers.  You got to bed between 7-7:30 and you sleep until around 9.  Once in a while you wake up at 7 and we give you a 2ounce bottle in your crib and you will sleep until 10am.  It's GLORIOUS.  You take two big naps a day.  One mid morning and one late afternoon.   You have become a full on stomach sleeper.  Every night I have to go back in to your room to cover you up because I'm worried you are freezing. 

We still can't go anywhere without people stopping to talk to you.  You really are the happiest baby.  And loud.  You want people to notice you.  If you catch someone's attention you start waving and smiling and talking up a storm.  People love it.  It makes Aidan so proud.  He is always sure to tell everyone "that's my baby brother and he is sooooo cute".

You are so much busier than Aidan ever was.  Your favorite past times are trying to stick your fingers in random outlets, raiding the pantry cabinet, tipping over the dog food/water, eating shoe laces, pulling every toy out of every toy box and not playing with a single thing and speed crawling.
I really did think you would be walking by now.  You have taken a few steps here and there but you would rather sit and crawl than stand and walk any day.  We try to hold your hands and practice but you just sit down and take off!

Let's see...what else?  You LOVE Nana and Grandpa.  You have spent two nights (the only two away from me EVER) with them and now when ever we go to their house you jump right out of my arms in to Nana's and when Grandpa scoops you up and smothers you in smooches, you laugh so hard it makes me tear up.  I love that you love them as much as Aidan does.  They are the best grandparents.

Our previous pediatrician had us convinced we were ruining your life because your head was a little flat in the back.  We had an evaluation for the Doc Band before the summer started and something just made me feel like we should wait.  I wanted to spend some time trying to round it out on my own before we went that route.  So for the majority of the summer I set my alarm every night and tip toed in to your room and moved your head on to the side.   Then eventually you started sleeping on your stomach and when we met with the new pediatrician a few weeks ago, he thought your head looked great!  He also said it will grow for a few more years and should be pretty close to perfect.  Good news! 
We are all so in love with you baby boy.  I was nervous wondering how the dynamic of our family would change with your addition.   You fit us so perfectly.   Your make our day, every day.  
We are so excited to celebrate your first birthday in a month with all of our family and friends!

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Katie said...

I love reading about your boys! I am due with my 2nd baby boy in April and his big brother will be 5 when he comes. Seeing your pictures and posts gets me very excited :)