Thursday, January 3, 2013

Who's 3 Weeks Old and...

Cross eyed? Kellan is! Ha! Not all the time just when he's being burped by Daddy.

What's going on at 3 weeks that wasn't going on at 2? Not a whole lot. You are still eating like a champ! I would like for you to stay tiny for a long time but that's not going to happen because breast milk is your one true love.

You sleep a lot. I try to sleep with you as much as possible. At night you sleep on my chest. That's going to have to change pretty soon. Daddy misses our time alone at night in bed and I miss sleeping altogether. Slowly, I've been putting you in your crib for naps hoping you will want to stay in there for the night sometime soon.

We had your appointment at the neurologist yesterday morning for the dimple above your bum and basically they told us what we already know. Your perfect. It doesn't look like we'll have a problem with your spine which is a huge answer to our prayers! We go back in two weeks for one final ultra sound and then we should be done with the neurologist! Not that you mind him, you slept through the entire appointment.

One of my oldest girlfriends Andrea came to meet you this past weekend. She has one of your best buddies marinating in her belly right now!

Your first New Years eve was wild and crazy. You slept and slept. You didn't even wake up when Daddy, Aidan and I yelled "Happy New Year". Im hoping that means you wont turn in to a crazy partyer. We'll see!

We love you little man! Cannot believe you've been with us for 3 weeks already!



Melissa said...

Love love love all the pictures! Keep them coming and I hope to get to hold that little guy soon. He and Rory will be fabulous friends!!! Hope you are getting some rest. I know you are doing a wonderful job.

Andrea Kelly said...

That picture is adorable!!