Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Three Wise Men

Aidan was one of the wise men in the nativity play at his school.  He was a little confused in the beginning.  We had recently watched the Disney movie Aladdin so he actually thought they were trying to get him to play Jasmin.  Jasmin, Wise Men.  Sorta sound alike...I guess?  It was hilarious there for a couple of days but I eventually explained to him that there was not in fact an Arabian princess at the birth of Jesus and all was back to being right in the world.  I may have told that story already. I have the worst Mommy brain.  ANYWAYS...he had a line he had to practice and he learned it in about 5 minutes and repeated it every 2 minutes for the week leading up to the play.  Kellan was just a few days old but we covered him up in the baby carrier and brought him along to cheer on his big brother.

The play was so cute and Aidan did such a great job!

Every parent loves it when their kid waves to them upon noticing them in the crowd. 

Wise men, Angels, Joseph, Mary
 Aidan literally had the best costume.  Faux fur? Yes please.

Aidan and his BFF Dylan (Joseph).

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