Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Kellan 1 Month and 5 Weeks

Kellan you are a five weeks old!!  I missed your One Month post so I'm combining the two.  I cannot believe you have been with us for over a month! Time is flying by little man!
So what are you up to at a month old?

(In case you missed these)

You weigh just under 10lbs and you are 22 almost 23 inches long! You are growing so fast I can't stand it!

I love you in a plain white onesie!

You were eating a ton but you've slowed down the last few days. I don't know if that should make me nervous or not but you must be getting enough because you are happy as a clam when you finish nursing. You sometimes go 4 hrs between meals.  Just last night you didn't even get up to eat!

Bath time is getting a little bit better. 

Sunday we started you sleeping in your crib. Two whole months before we did it with your brother. I was so convinced you were going to have a serious meltdown but the night went really well. As a matter of fact, with the exception of a little cry because you lost your binkie, you didn't cry at all! Daddy checked on you 10 times at least to make sure you were still breathing and I watched the baby monitor until about 3am and then we just put you in bed with us because we missed you! Baby steps for us all! You had almost 7 hrs in there and only ate once. That's a great start. And when we put you in bed with us, you didn't even eat and slept until 8:30! Thanks for the sleep bud!
Watching you on the monitor.

Your brother Aidan is crazy about you. I'm sure I've written about that before now. His newest thing is, he always wants to kiss your lips. It's too cute. He makes everyone stop and check you out wherever we go. He's so proud.
He pulled a stool up to your crib and climbed right in!

You are still wearing you 0-3 months clothes.  I tried a 3-6 months outfit on you yesterday and I think even you laughed at how big it was! I never expected you to be in those clothes for long so you wear a lot of the same stuff over and over. 

Snuggled up in Daddy's arms

You love to be swaddled which it totally different from your big brother.  I even double swaddle you at night. You can be mid meltdown and I swaddle you right up and you literally stop crying when you realize what is happening.  I like to say your in the straight jacket, wearing the baby hug or my little baby burrito.  Nobody thinks it's funny but me.

 Crazy hair and almost a smile.

You cry a lot.  Which I'm told is normal.  Your not a fan of riding in the car or diaper changes or being alone or your bath or loosing your latch while nursing or or or....HA! It's OK though I know there is light at the end of the tunnel and maybe you just like for your Mommy to soothe you. 

Sleeping through your big brothers gymnastics class. 

When you are awake you are very alert. Wide eyed.  You hold your head up so well.  We put you on our shoulder and you lift your head right up to rest on our cheeks.  It's the sweetest thing.

This picture cracks me up!

Your eyes are blue and I hope they stay that way. Just like mine and your brothers.

We saw the Neurologist about your dimple above your bum.   Daddy came with us to the appointment.   I'm frustrated that they keep referring to you as having a "birth defect" and no one seems to know what caused it.  The good news for now it that your little spine is not tethered like we previously thought there may be a chance of.  That may have meant surgery, a chance of you having trouble with your little legs in the future and lots and lots of physical therapy.  Now we are just waiting for you to get a little bit older so that the spot that keeps coming up on your ultra sounds will go away. Your Dr thinks its just a small epidural bleed and should take care of itself.  If not, to clear it out you will need a minor surgery but the thought of putting you under terrifies me so I pray 500 times a day that is not the outcome.  Whatever the case ends up being, we think you are perfect and I love that dimple!

Lazy Sunday watching the Pats play. 

Kellan, I am just so glad we made the decision to have you.  It's been crazy how all the feelings I had with your brother have come right back and my heart feels like it had quadrupled in size!  Everyone said that's exactly how it would be and they were all so right!  It's a different experience planning a child versus the complete surprise of one.  This time I chose the long nights and to look tired and disheveled for months to come.  Every bit of it is so worth it when I look at you.  The depth of my love for you makes me want to stop women on the street and tell them to make the choice to have children.  It's the greatest gift I've ever been given and when I look at you and your brother I'm reminded of that over and over.  I know I'm incredibly blessed to be your Mom and I promise to never take a minute for granted.  I'll always love you for being the one that made our love as a family grow in ways we could never have imagined! Happy 5 weeks baby cakes!
Love, Mom

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Kate G. said...

I die over that picture of Aidan in the crib with him!! Love the update overall-- let me know when he's ready for a girlfriend! Can't wait to join your mommy club... :)