Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Top Ten Signs We are All Sick

My Mother's Day was uneventful.  Aidan had Croup.  Adam made me breakfast in bed (which was lovely) and we just went to my mom and dad's for dinner.  Once we got home, Adam and I realized we too were coming down with some kind of sickness.  So, here we are 3 days later sick as dogs and here are the Top Ten Signs We Are All Sick

1.  Aidan has been in the same shirt for three days. He's been lucky to get a diaper change.

2.  Our Brita water filter needs to be changed 1.5 months early because we have been chugging water.

3.  The laundry is overflowing out of the laundry room door and the dishwasher is clean but there are dishes all over my kitchen. Gross.

4.  We are considering making the gross plastic teapot you put in your nose Netti Pot an official member of the family. 

5.  There is a lingering scent of Vick's Vapor Rub in our house.

6.  My hair is in a scrunchie.  That's right, left over from the early 90's and it was the first thing I could get my hands on.

7.  The Chinese take out restaurant knows our order perfectly.  Think Sandra Bullock in Two Weeks Notice.

8.  The cold/allergy section of our medicine cabinet has been ransacked.  All that's left is empty containers.  Also a sign I am sick.

9.  I have 67 new emails.  I never have new emails. I check them on my Blackberry 24/7. 

10.  When I called the bank today the woman on the other line kept calling me "SIR".  Awesome, sick, man voice in full effect. 

If you want to come by and visit...yeah don't come by and less you want to feel like crapola for the next week.  See you all when we come out of the sick house. 

P.S. Say a little prayer I feel well enough to go to the Norah Jones concert with my mom tomorrow night!!! xoxox

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Kathryn said...

Yikes, Sir! Sorry you're sick on Mother's Day (or any day for that matter...). And I appreciated the Two Weeks Notice reference-- I love a good move ref.