Friday, May 7, 2010

Show Us Your Life How You Picked Your Kids Names

Kelly's Korner is doing Children's Names and Future Baby Names this week.  I have to tell you, we have always like the name Harper (Kelly's daughter is Harper) since we saw the movie "Things We Lost in the Fire" but I just don't know if we could do Harper Harvey.

Here is the original post where I explained how we named our little man Aidan.
As for future names here's a few and why we like them. 
DISCLAIMER: UNLESS I know you well, you are free to steal my names.  If we speak on the phone, don't even think about it! HAHA. 

Just an FYI.  Using family names is high on my list and nick names are low.      

If we have daughters:
One must be named Virginia.  My Nana's name was Virginia and so is Adam's grandmother.  I love the name. I just see a sweet little blond with a bob running around in J Crew, Crew Cuts cardigans.

Virginia Name Combos we are in to...
Virginia Nana's name.  I could do this in reverse as well. Abigail Virginia or Abigail Jean.
I like Abigail alone but Adam does not because he almost dated a mean girl named Abby.  Stupid right?

Next name:
This is entirely random but my mom and I were in the car one day and I said to her "I love the name Brooklyn for a little girl but I know you would just kill me" and she said "Actually I love that name!".
So, I immediately added it to the list and Adam loves it too.

Brooklyn Name Combos we are in to...
Brooklyn Jean...Jean is my middle name, my mom's middle name and my great aunt's name.
Brooklyn Lee...Adam's middle name. Although we would probably change it to Lea the female version of it.
(As I am sitting here typing this Adam keeps saying "Brook, Brook..." I think he is talking himself out of it.)

And Lastly:
Addison name combos...
I have always loved this name.  I know, I know. I have a thing with A names.
Addison Virginia...then we would get the grandmother's name's in there as well.
Addison name is in there.
Addison Lee...after Adam.
I gotta tell ya, Addison Virginia is peaking some serious interest.

If we have another son next I may have an issue.  Naming Aidan was so easy but I haven't really found anything I love, love, love for boys.

Robert is my dad and my brother's name. My dad goes by Bob and my brother goes by Bobby.
We would definitely call him Bobby. I think. Maybe Robert?  I am not a fan of nick names. Either way this is most likely the name of our next son. 

Robert name combos...
Robert Michael.  That way he is named after every male in my immediate family and there is no fighting. Haha!
OR Adam likes Jordan Robert. Jordan is my other brother's name and we love it.

Kellan name combos...
 Kellan William...named after my dad and he and Aidan would have the same name.
Kellan Robert...another baby named after my dad. He would be thrilled!
I also have a cousin named Kellan. It's Irish which is good around here (since we are).

Alexander (Alex)
Alexander name combos...
Alexander Robert. After my dad and brother. Both Roberts.
or Alexander Michael after my brother Jordan.

Cooper name combos...
Cooper Lee...named after Adam.
Cooper William...Then he and Aidan could have the same middle name.
Cooper Patrick...this would be naming him after no one.

 So there you have it, my future baby names.  We have agreed on two more children for now and after those two we will assess having anymore. I was one of three and loved it, Adam was one of two and had seven years between them and says he basically felt like an only child.

We obviously would have liked to have been pregnant again by now but it's just not the right time for us.  We have been praying feverishly for some direction as to when the time will be right.  We don't want Aidan to be too far in age from his siblings. Not to mention I will be 27 this summer and I would like to be done having babies by 32. That only gives me 6 years to have 2 possibly 3 more kids!!! 

I feel like I just rambled on about baby names.  It made me think a lot about so many names.  I never want to be one of those people that doesn't have a name picked before the baby comes. I would be nervous I couldn't make a decision at that point!!!  Not to mention, I would have to have stuff monogrammed. 

I can't wait to read everyone else's names and maybe pick up some names. Enjoy your weekends. xoxo

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