Sunday, May 2, 2010

Jordan's Carolina Cup Cooler

I just had to show y'all the cooler my brother Jordan's girlfriend Hannah painted for him to take to the Carolina Cup (horse race).  


All of his friends as SouthPark characters.

The NC Flag, Charlotte Skyline, Panther, Notice the Smathers & Branson Clemson belt and Budweiser's.
Tie Dye and Shock Top.

J Money Louis Vuitton print, Lexus for his car.  Daft Punk (honestly forget what that's about).
Close up of Louis Vuitton.

Isn't she creative?  Hannah was sweet enough to drive Jordan home for the summer so we got to spend some time with her.   We absolutely love spending time with her and J.  Maybe we'll get really lucky and she'll be around 4-eva. Uh oh. Woop woop.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

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Megan said...

wow! how fancy! she's definitely got some talent!!