Friday, May 14, 2010

Conversations With an Almost Three Year Old-Part 3

Aidan snuck out of his room tonight after we put him to bed and he came in our room and complained he was cold.  Usually we put him right back in his bed but he was being so cute.

Aidan:  I cold Mommy, Daddy.  (he hasn't quite got the "and" down yet)

Me: Well climb up here and let me hold you for a minute.

Aidan: No tanks (thanks) , I'll go to bed.

Off he went back to his bed. He most definitely would have stayed around later had I not threatened to hold him. I think I should rename these posts.  "Conversations with an almost three year old that hates me."

1 comment:

Kate G. said...

Haha. He doesn't hate you! He just...needs his space?