Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I Wish I Could Call Y'all

My girlfriend Amanda is my go to girl when I need to vent about everything and everything but she goes to bed at about 9pm every night.  This creates a problem for me when I need someone to talk to after those hours.

Tonight's issue...our cat Uncle Bentley.  A few weeks ago, I noticed a little spot where he had missing fur and a little boo boo (Aidan terms) on his chest.   I put some hydrogen peroxide on it and haven't noticed it since.  Well tonight, I caught a glimpse of the spot and holy bad word, the little spot is a giant abscess now.  Gross I know.  Reason for freaking out...we love the cat and I would never want him to be in pain (and I don't really think he is) but honestly I see an expense to fix this that we are totally unprepared for.    That stresses me out to the max!!!

I did what I always do and googled what I should do.  Aidan My trusty assistant and I cleaned it up with some hydrogen peroxide and we put a band aid with Neosporin on it.  We then realized Uncle Bentley wasn't having it and tried to take off the band aid. Soooooo we wrapped him loosely in an Ace bandage.  I know it sounds goofy but it will save me from making a trip to the Animal ER tonight.  Hopefully some of that Neosporin will help it out.

He is snoozing on a pile of pillows right now and is totally unfazed by the bandage but I still feel so bad for him.   Say a prayer for our furry little friend. 

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Kari said...

Aww, I hope it gets better for you! Pet vet bills are outrageous!