Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Design Daydreams-A Project For Tomorrow

I have a blank wall in my living room that needs some love.  A couple of months ago, I decided I hated my window treatments, so I tore them down and gave them away.  On the same day, I took down our abstract piece of art and ledge holding some candles and tossed them as well.   I have now been staring at this blank wall for MONTHS and I can't take it anymore.  So this is what I'm going to do.  First I'm going to run to Ikea and buy their Lack shelf in white. I love those shelves!  Then I'm going to take this blank wall and make it in to a picture wall. Well sort of.  I have an old picture in a black frame of a cheetah from my bedroom at the beach house.  I'm going to paint the frame heirloom white and take the glass out and paint a piece of thin plywood with chalkboard paint in stick it in the frame.  So it will look little like this...

Except I am probably going to hang mine horizontal.  I am thinking I will write something simple like on it like
Dwell or Laugh or Grow or Family.   In big letters.
 I know everyone has heard about the free 8x10 canvas you can get and I have never bought mine, so I am going to have this picture made in to an 8x10 gallery wrapped canvas to hang there.  I might even splurge and spend the $9.99 and upgrade to an 11x14 and make it black and white.

Then I am going to ATTEMPT to draw our Silhouettes from pictures and frame them in a row.  Similar to this but in square frames.  I will probably matte them with a color I pull from my pillows on my sofa.

I am going to buy this guy:

I have a bunch of random sized mason jars around my house as well that I would like to place on the shelf and put small votive candles in. 

I want to paint the walls Sherwin Williams Favorite Tan and make some window treatments in a dark khaki horizontal stripe like these (haven't decided if I will actually sew them or fabric tape them yet).

My rough placement of picture wall:

I may or may not do the candle sconce from Pottery Barn. That would literally destroy my budget of doing this project for $200 or less.   I have two small Ikea frames that don't have anything in them and I may type up short love poems on textured paper and frame them and hang in it's place.   I am not planning on lining the drapes to they should be relatively inexpensive to make. We will see.

I really, really, really want to find a way to make this shelf from Pottery Barn and use it in place of the Ikea shelf.  Lucky for me, Adam can probably do it.  I will beg him to try and see what we come up with.  Obviously, I am not going to get this all done tomorrow but I would at least like to have the paint bought and the pictures prepped to be hung.  Window treatments will probably have to wait until this weekend.  And no I haven't forgotten that I just said a few days ago that I wanted to re do my bedroom! I am a decorating overachiever!


Jenny H said...

SuPeR CuTe! Can't wait to see pics! I did something similar for Halloween last year with 2 "old" (like 15 y.o.) gold mirrors and painted one glossy black and the other matte black, then drapped with spider webs. I use them now w/o the webs ;) One is a table top for a small table behind my entry way door. I will have to go rummaging through more "family" junk and paint a few the matte white. Thanks for the inspiration!

Kari said...

Oh I LOVE your ideas! I am looking to do some silhouttes over my piano with a picture of my girls and a plaque! I LOVE the mason jars idea!