Monday, May 24, 2010

Baby Shower Palooza 2010

I promised you all pictures so here they are.  I hope you can get a little glimpse of how beautiful it was...

When you walked in the foyer we had these tissue paper flowers hanging down.  In the background you can also see Candace's future SIL taking pictures of Candace, her mom, her MIL and her Aunt Kathy.
Our Lemon Heads Binky Tree.  Can you see the home made Binky leashes hanging down?
The whole shebang.   We also had the tissue flowers hanging to the left and right of the fireplace.
Diaper Cake #1

Diaper Cake #2
We put this little guy on the window sill.  He will make his permanent home on the wall when you walk in the door of Cole's nursery.
Clothesline.  We displayed our hand sewn onesies here.
It's a Boy Banner. 
Fiji Mum Floral arrangement.
Coffee Table.  Elephant shaped Cucumber Sandwiches and bath toys floating in a blue bowl.
Melissa burned lullabies on to a CD for all of our guests to take with them.
The cake. Isn't it amazing?
Cake Detail
The Elephant sitting on the top.
The beautiful Mommy to Be. Doesn't she look amazing!!!
Again. Her dress was so cute.
Melissa and Candace=Sisters <3

I led Can to believe I had just bought her a few outfits and some blankets.

Humidifier.  Great thing to have.
One of the outfits from my mom and I.
My mom and I surprised her at the end with a Coach diaper bag.
I got emotional for like 30 seconds before I gave it to her.  It was so silly.  I think I just got excited for her and sentimental because she bought me my Coach diaper  bag and now she's having a baby and gets her very own!!!

We had a great time and everything was beautiful.  Melissa was a perfect co host.  Candace has several friends that are pregnant right now so it was so fun to talk about babies all afternoon. 

Although Melissa is Cole's true Aunt, I can't wait to meet the little man and be Auntie April.  I feel like Candace and I have been daydreaming about having kids for so long and it's finally happened.  I feel like just yesterday we were crazy 16 year olds with our entire lives in front of us.  Here we are 10 plus years later and Candace is just months away from holding her whole life in her arms. 

Thanks to everyone who helped make today perfect. Love you! xoxo


Holly said...

Hi April,

I came across your blog some time ago through Kelly's Korner. Your shower pics are AMAZING! You should consider going into business! Your little fellow is so cute and his conversations with you guys are hilarious! My 16 yr. old child just informed me that I am not suppossed to be leaving random messages on peoples blogs if I do not have a blog myself - he says that I am a creeper! Oh my - I have lots to learn! Anyway just wanted to Congratulate you on your baby shower pics!! Take care!

Holly N. Madugula
Arlington, TX

Adam, April & Aidan said...

Holly, If you read this, comment all you want!!! I am glad you are enjoying the blog! Thank you for stopping by!

Kari said...

She is a beautiful mom to be! And, I LLOOOOVED all the shower decor! I may steal some ideas for any future baby showers! LOVED it!

Kathryn said...

Well, I know who to call when I get preggo! It won't be for awhile...but I'll call!

Looks great April.