Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Not So Fun Post

I feel like I have been a little slack on my posts recently. I really do apologize to my readers that were used to having a post everyday or at least every other day. The truth is, when I started this blog again, I wanted it to be a fun place for our friends and family to come and to catch up on what's been going on with us. Lately, we have just been in the thick of nothing too fun. We are having a really hard time and quite frankly it sucks. I was driving in the car tonight, talking to Amanda and we were laughing as I went down the list of all things going wrong for us right now. When I think about the conversation, I really should have been crying about it. I am just trying to keep my head up so we can get out of the trenches...hopefully? eventually? I am just trying to keep supporting my awesome husband and keep a smile on (my constant tantrum throwing) sweet son's face. So, long story short, if you notice I've been slacking off, that's the reason. I promise once we've moved on to better times, I'll fill you guys in on all the great stuff! In the meantime, say a prayer for us...or twelve. We could use them!! Love you all!

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