Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fall Decorating Postponed

Well I was going to take pictures of all my fun fall decorating today but instead I have been in bed sick. ALL DAY. When I jumped out of bed this morning to get Aidan ready for school, I immediately felt nauseous (I know what your thinking and no I am not pregnant). Luckily, Adam had already volunteered to take Aidan to school. Well being the crazy little lady that I am I couldn't imagine not taking Aidan to school so I decided I would at least go along for the ride. BIG MISTAKE. I have never been car sick but I am guessing this is what it feels like. I am sure Adam was ready to kill me by the time we got to school. I was sweating, complaining about bumps in the road, the radio, his speed, and my head was pounding. He parked the car and left me in it so he could run Aidan in. The little guy looked so cute in his rain coat and hat today. Adam said you could tell I was feeling under the weather because his outfit wasn't nearly as cute as they usually are. I got sick in the parking lot at school. Glamorous mom aren't I? Thankfully, it was raining so all the closer parking spots were taken and we had to park in overflow. I came home and immediately got in bed. Just to show you how wonderful my family is...someone called in to work for me, my mom came to get Aidan when Adam left for work and when I finally woke up at 6pm, my mom was here feeding Aidan dinner and had cleaned my house. I tried to eat a little dinner and it made me feel worse. I am going to catch up on some DVR and hopefully get some sleep (with the help of Tylenol PM). I am going to take pics tomorrow of our house decorated for fall and post them. I have enjoyed seeing everyone else's. Happy Tuesday Everyone!


those mitchells said...

Hi! I found your blog when I was leaving Kathryn a comment. I was wondering where you got the graphic for your twitter info. I was hoping to have cuter way to post my twitter info on my blog. Thanks! I hope you are feeling better soon!

Kate G. said...

It's from Shabbyblog.com. They have lots of great images like that. (You don't mind if I have a conversation on your blog, do you April?? April, this is Lindsey; Lindsey this is April. :))

I hope you're feeling better. :( We're heading to Bean Town tomorrow, so I'll let you know what we do!

Adam, April & Aidan said...

Hi Lindsey! Kate, so jealous you are going to Boston tomm! Have fun and be safe!!