Thursday, October 1, 2009

In Other News...

We have purchased Aidan's first potty. I took him to Target and let him pick it out himself. I am not quite sure when he will actually use it, but I wanted him to get used to it being around and who knows, maybe he will just surprise us and start using it one day!!! We also picked up some very cute boxer briefs for little guys and got a new pair of PJ's with firetrucks, police cars and helicopters on them. Also picked out by Aidan himself. I can't say I am surprised he picked these over the ones with horses and cows on them because he LOVES firetrucks. Lucky for me, these were only $6 (love you Tar jay). Here are some pictures to show you Aidan's current uses for his new potty!! Happy Thursday Everyone...I am off to watch Grey's.

( Terrible photo of Adam) "Dada, do you like your new hat??".

"See Dada, it fits you very well"

Silly, silly boys they are.

Aidan's New Frog Potty

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