Saturday, October 3, 2009

Happy Birthday To My Hubby!!!

Today my hubs turns the big 28! He is currently at work thinking I have nothing planned for this evening. Little does he know...I have a surprise dinner planned!! I got up early (he usually is up hours before me) and made him breakfast in bed. I think he was #1 shocked I was up so early and #2 that I was able to cook that early in the morning! Haha! I even ran to the store to get him balloons. Gah, I'm getting good. Aidan and I are sitting here waiting for his birthday cake to finish baking so that we can frost it soon. There isn't much frosting left from Aidan digging his fingers in to it but...we'll work with what we've got!!!

So...I just want to say to my hubby that rarely reads my blog unless I make him...I love you very much! Thank you for being a DREAM husband and father. When I think of you, forever is never enough. I hope you have the greatest birthday yet and I can't wait to be a part of so many more birthdays to come. Aidan and I love you! Happy Birthday Baby!!!!!
P.S. Your getting old. You didn't just read that, don't worry. HA!

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