Friday, November 30, 2012

O Christmas Tree

Monday night we decided was the night to get our Christmas tree.  We were going to do it over the weekend but just ran out of time.  We have a little family tradition where we go to the Christmas tree lot on Kings Dr and pick out our tree. It's a city living tradition but I used to go to the same lot with my Dad when we moved to Dilworth and Adam is now more than happy to just go pick a tree, have the guys drill the hole in the bottom for our stand and load it on to the car for us! We always stop for hot chocolate on the way.  I skipped a wreath for my door this year which shocked Adam but with all his crazy Christmas lights, no one ever notices my wreaths. 

We were literally there for 20 minutes this year.  We looked at about 5 trees and just knew this was the one! Just about loaded up! I was going for short(er) and skinny(er) this year but it ended up being taller and fat. Go figs. 

They have a sleigh out front and every year prior I  have agonized over getting the perfect picture of Aidan in it. This year I turned around, freaked because he was gone and then realized he was in the sleigh (five ft away)! Of course the year I don't bring my real camera!  How funny is this picture of him pretending he is holding the reigns and driving the sleigh? And that smile. 

Walking through the trees.  I love how they string the lights.  This is the night that gets me in the mood for the season every year. 

When we got the tree home, I was just happy to get it in the house! Last year the tree was way to big and we had to trim the top and bottom! This year we were just so sure this one was not going to give us the same problem.  Well low and behold we had to cut about 8 inches off the top.  Too funny.  I got up some energy during the Panthers game to string the lights and start my mesh ribbon.  

Tuesday when Aidan got home from school, we took his little tree down from the attic and for the first time EVER he decorated it all alone. I did put his green mesh ribbon on it for him but he added all of the ornaments himself.  My mom has bought him a few ornaments every Christmas and we have acquired some others along the way (Disney etc) so he loved hearing about each one.  I loved being able to sit on the floor and watch as he worked! 

Scout was all "take a picture of me with the tree" so I did.  This is in the nursery before we moved it to Aidan's room.  It is now serving as the world's brightest night light. 
By Wednesday, I had gained enough energy to get this bad boy decorated.  I didn't use all of my ornaments and at first I was OK with that but now I am debating climbing back in the attic to get them down. I like for my tree to be weighted down!  

Since we moved in to our house and had Aidan, I've started quite the collection of Christmas decor. I still have a ton of stuff I would like to do but it's all coming along.  This year I was envisioning having to take a ton of stuff down and pack it up with a newborn and that just wasn't appealing.  So with the exception of the tree, Aidan's tree, our stockings, one garland, a snowman statue in the kitchen, changing out all of our little chalkboards to Christmas sayings and buying some Christmas candles to make the house smell magical, I am not doing anything else for the season.  It's so hard for me not to go crazy for Aidan but he really doesn't know what's missing and Kellan will never remember this Christmas so what I've done is just enough.  The house still feels really cozy and the tree is wonderful.
Next year will be back to biz as usual. You know when I'm not trying to get a baby to make his way in to the world!

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