Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Pile of Leaves

Aidan has been begging us to jump in a pile of leaves ever since they started falling.  So this week when the landscaping company came to blow the leaves, I asked them to blow the ones in the backyard in to a huge pile and next week they could bag them like usual.  Aidan and I sat in the nursery and watched them through the window blow a pile twice the height of him.  His excitement was building and even though the pile was done quickly he wanted to wait for Adam to get home. 
And in typical Adam and Aidan fashion, as soon as Adam walked up the driveway, to the backyard they went.  These pictures were taken with my phone and it was getting dark but I still love them.  I always say Aidan hit the Daddy jackpot.  Adam had just worked a 12 hour day but there was nothing that was going to stop him from jumping in those leaves and having some fun with Aidan.

Today once the sun came back out, Aidan was ready to go again. This time I was able to grab my camera.  Trying to get him to sit still for a picture is near impossible but these are still great shots I was able to capture.

 "There are leaves in my shiiiiiirt Mom"

He of course had to have a photo with Scout.  The only other person in this house that will literally never sit still for a photo.  Scout was running circles around Aidan while he played. 
How are you enjoying the outdoors this fall?

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