Monday, November 19, 2012

The Day My Life Felt Like It Was Falling Apart

I can be so dramatic sometimes.  What you didn't know that about me? 

When you are 8 point 5 months pregnant, and trying to just get everything done, when the smallest things go wrong, you panic and then you laugh until you are balling and then you realize you need to get it together because your husband and son are looking for other places to live until you are not pregnant anymore. 

Yesterday it was our heat.  We had our winter maintenance done and everything was looking good.  We needed a new part or two but it was easy stuff.  Then at some point yesterday while the boys were at the Panther's game, I realized the heat wasn't working.  We called the tech, he ran us through a bunch of things, nothing worked. I was having visions of us bundled up on the living room floor with a new baby surrounded by space heaters.  Today he came out and fixed the problem.  We're warm and I feel better.

I've been slaving to get the house perfect to bring a new baby home.  I saved money to hire someone to deep clean the house and she was supposed to come tomorrow to do the job.  TODAY she called to cancel.  I was all ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  Who was I going to find to deep clean our house the week of Thanksgiving and once more before the baby comes home?  A nice lady named Irene who has a cleaning company. That's who.  The only thing was she could squeeze me in this afternoon.  Obviously I had to start cleaning for the cleaning lady to come.  Everyone does this right?  Let's just say I'm not moving as fast as I was just a few weeks ago and Aidan was determined to pull out everything I put away.  It felt like it took me an eternity to get the place picked up and about 15 loads of laundry folded but I did it, she came (with three girls in tow) and my house is sparkling. 

We ate dinner out at 9 o'clock and after that I had to run to the grocery store to buy the ingredients for Rice Krispie treat turkey's I had promised Aidan I would make for his class Thanksgiving Day feast in the morning.  Thank God for my husband who had Aidan in bed when I got home and saved the day when rice krispie treats were sticking to my fingers while I was trying to ball them up by suggesting I just keep my hands a little wet to do them.  He has the answer for everything I tell you.

The good news is, I made it through the day and everything that needed to be done, was.  My TO DO list is getting smaller and I'm looking forward to crossing the last few things off this weekend.  I have my 37 week Dr's appointment tomorrow and a few things to prep for Thanksgiving dinner at my parents and then all I have to do is sit and wait on this baby. 


KTBFerg said...

Hang in there girl! PS - we ate at 9pm last night too, then I decided I needed to make the desserts for dinner tonight AFTER dinner last night. We went to bed at 12. Why do we kill ourselves as women!?

Jenny H said...

Girl your almost there. I totally know the feeling and I'm not pregnant, or am I? After my name is said 1 million times, I've cleaned and e is pulling out things right behind me, the dog is peeing or pooping on the new rug... I'm there.... A mental basket case. How do type A's do it? It's 1142 and I'm asking my self is it too early to try out the new wine I bought last night while e was screaming at the top of his lungs "hold ju" in the middle of the grocery store. So who knows what kind if wine I ended up getting. And i totally will not drink it until i know we are bfn this month.All I know is I could totally keep it together as a career women and i did. This is much harder than it looks that's for sure. Just wanted to give you a laugh and know that your not alone. From one hormonal mother to another, my prayers are with you. Lol