Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Aidan at 5 and a Half (Almost)


I wish I had done these little updates your whole life.  But I guess I was too busy enjoying the little things to take the time to blog about them.  I wanted to do this one time before you became a big brother.  Jot down the things that I want to remember about you being just you. 

Daddy and I are seriously crazy about you.  CRAAAZY.

We think you are so funny. And you are. You have this personality and we wonder where it even came from. 

You can dance.  Like, really dance.  Just tonight you were standing on the arm of the sofa and you were dancing and we couldn't get over your rhythm. 

You're so smart.  You say things and we don't know where you learn the stuff.  When I ask you, you always say "nobody taught me, I just know every things."  And while you still have so much to learn, some days it seems like your the one who is teaching us.

You like to be at home.  Everyday when I pick you up from school you like to come straight home and just veg out.  I'll sit with you on the sofa and you snuggle right up to me.  Sometimes you just lay your head on my arm and other days you lay across my lap and want me to rub your back. I love the days where time is standing still.  I would snuggle with you on that sofa forever.

Currently you are obsessed with Cam Newton, the Carolina Panther's quarterback.  He's not having a good season but you never waiver in your commitment to being his biggest fan.  Every Sunday you ask to wear your #1 jersey and beg Dad to play football with you in the front yard.  I say beg but usually that lasts 30 seconds.  He loves to throw the ball with you.  

Lego's.  It started with fire trucks but now your all about Star Wars.  There aren't enough Storm Trooper Lego's in the world to make you happy.  Lately when you get bored with the troopers you have, you take out your markers and draw on them to change their uniforms.  Their like new men to you like that. I've spent my fair share of days being exhausted and laying around this pregnancy and you have started taking that time to create whatever you want with your Lego's.  I'm always amazed at your creativity.

Speaking of laying around, your such a little care giver.  Today for no reason you made me a snack (Chex Mix) and you plugged the Christmas tree in because you know how much I love it. 

Your best buddy at school is Dylan.  Everyday you tell us all about him.  What you guys talked about at lunch, who you played with on the playground, if he was even at school.   As much as you love him, Daddy is your best friend.  A day doesn't go by that you don't remind him of that.  Around the same time every night you start to get antsy waiting on him to come home.  As soon as he walks through the door you light up.  Then the two of you could care less about me when your wrestling or running around the yard together.  And that's OK.  I think Dad has been waiting his whole life for someone to love him like you do.

Scout is your dog through and through.  When you and Daddy showed up at home with him that morning and you said "he's my best friend" you weren't lying to me.   You feed him in the mornings, let him out, throw his toys with him, cover him up with your blankie when he's napping on the floor and he's just as, if not more in love with you.  He follows you around all day and when you stop, he lays at your feet.  I shouldn't leave out that you also take good care of your cats and although you can't reach him, you remind me to feed your fish everyday.

You are really in to family.  Anytime something exciting happens to you, you want to call Nana and Grandpa and tell them all about it.   You stop people in the streets to talk to them about your Uncle Jordan going to Clemson and you think he plays football there.  Anytime Daddy and I want to go anywhere by ourselves, you tell us we can call Uncle Bobby to come over and hang out with you.    The nice thing is, every one of those people is just as excited about you as you are them.

Everyone around you, thinks your the greatest.  It's been all about you for a while now.

And any day our little family is going to grow.   It's been so much fun just the three of us around here.  But I had some of the best times of my life growing up with my brothers and I wanted that for you. I've been so SO grateful we got these years with you all alone.  It will forever be a favorite time in my life.  You and me and Dad.  The three amigos.  But I've got this feeling babe, the best is yet to come.


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Kimberly Upton said...

You are such a great mother! I can not wait until I can be! Fingers crossed some day soon! The reason I started blogging was because of yours! I really enjoy reading it!