Friday, November 16, 2012

Baby Boy's Nursery

I had no idea where the direction of this nursery was going when I started it.  I just wanted it to be SIMPLE.  The room is in the middle of our house and we can walk through to get to the kitchen so I didn't want to do a theme or make it look too much like a nursery.  We bought the dresser, I just happened upon the paint color at the store one day, my Mom suggested the Espresso crib and I went with it and the other little pieces just came together.  It just evolved and I LOVE IT!  There are a few more teeny tiny things I have to do but for the most part, it's ready for little man to move in!

{Those three frames in the corner are waiting for artwork}

{Obviously this shelf is going to have to move once little man can start pulling on it but it was the perfect solution for diapers for now}



Amanda said...

It's precious!! Kellan will love it :)

Jenny H said...

Perfect for baby k! Can't wait to see pics of that sweet face!