Monday, July 23, 2012

Summer Days

I can't believe we are on the verge of it being August.  When the summer started I was anxious to put some weeks behind me in this pregnancy but I really wanted to soak up our last summer as a family of three.  And now that the summer is coming to a close and Aidan will be back in school in no time, I'm hoping and praying the days will slow down and we can stretch out the days of extra sunshine.

We've been spending them shuttling Aidan back and forth to camp everyday, at the pool, trying new restaurants in the city, catching all the latest animated movies at the Drive In, learning how to ride his bike without training wheels, staying up late and spoiling him day in and out because we just can't help ourselves.

Aidan is not currently super interested in talk about his brother and we're not pushing it.  This is his time and the whole family really believes when the new baby comes he will jump right in to "Worlds Greatest Big Brother" mode.  So we've dubbed the summer his summer and I'm loving every minute of it.  He has become a little needy but I've always been the mom that drops it all when he asks.  If there has ever been any advice I took from other moms, it was "soak it up, it flies by."

So that's what we're doing this summer.  Soaking it all up.

Turned around to make sure I was at his camp picnic. (Like I would ever miss it!)

 Hanging at the pool.

 My girlfriend Amanda bought Aidan this Batman hat and he could currently still be wearing it in his bed.

Drive in.

Sporting his pirate hat he made at camp. 

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