Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Stroller Decisions

We have gone back and forth with the decision on what to do about a stroller.

When we had Aidan my parents bought us a great Chicco travel system and we really got their money's worth out of it. It's so beat up from all the use.

I thought we would just be able to buy an attachment for our Chicco infant car seat for our Bob jogging stroller but it turns out, those aren't compatible with the 2010 model. Go figure.

Then I thought about just doing a snap and go but then we had the dilemma of a stroller after the infant car seat. Why spend money on more strollers than need be?

We also talked about the fact that we want to have another baby in the next couple of years so maybe we should purchase something we can turn into a double.

I did my research and we've decided on the Baby Jogger City Select stroller. It offers the Chicco car seat converter., the option to buy another seat and we just love all the different configurations you can do with the seat(s).


Our biggest discussion was color. I kind of liked the red but leave it to Adam to sell me on the black because it will show less dirt. Amen mister.
I can't wait to get it!


The Whitakers said...

Wow, that stroller looks fantastic! We have the Chicco travel system- it meets all of our needs for now. I might look into this for our next kiddo as well :)

Quinn said...

That is what I am getting also April. Most of my girlfriends have it, love it and recommended it to me :) Congrats so excited for you guys