Monday, July 16, 2012

I Forgot to Tell You...

It's a BOY!!!!

I left that out of my 18 week post because I wanted a few days to tell our
 family and friends face to face.
We found out last Thursday.  Initially we didn't think we were going to
 find out but we changed our minds. 
Aidan came to the appointment with us and he is so, so excited.
Adam was in a bit of shock because he was so sure it was a girl. 
Thursday afternoon I took some time to digest just how outnumbered I am going to be around here.
I found myself daydreaming about the day of Aidan's birth and how thrilled we were and how much he changed our lives in those first few minutes of his life and I was
 bursting with joy about this new little man.
We've watched his ultrasound video over and over and we just think he is the cutest little thing. 
Just 8 oz!
I mean we aren't biased. Have you seen how cute Aidan is? We've got cute boys in the bag people. : )

Now I just want December to hurry up and get here so I can have him in my arms!  Having experienced giving birth, I feel like I'm a lot less patient and a whole lot more anxious for it to just be time.  I know, chill Ape, you've got a while to go. 
Decorating a nursery should pass some of the time!

I think we have his name 99.9% decided on but I'm going to wait to post it in case Adam changes his mind in the next couple of weeks.   But seriously, it's time to monogram. 

A boy!



Amanda said...

Yay for 2 little boys :) Can't wait xoxo

The Whitakers said...

Another boy! That is SO exciting!! Congratulations!! Try to be patient- let him grow strong & healthy in there for as long as he needs :)

Adam, April & Aidan said...

Thanks Lauren! I would never wish him out before he was full term but it's so exciting to know what's to come!

Jenny H said...

That's awesome! Sorry i'm late posting, but wanted to congratulate you. 2 sweet boys will be a lot of fun! I agree... the cute boy thing you have in the bag! ;)