Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Pool Days

The weather this week has been amazing so we have been sneaking over to my Mom and Dads pool to lay out and take a dip. The water is a bit chilly but if you sit in the heat long enough, it feels great!

Aidan thinks its the greatest thing ever. He's pretty much swimming on his own now which is nuts but sort of not really surprising since I am such a lover of the water. He wears his goggles and likes to see what's under water. There's no chance for any two people to get to relax outside of the pool at a time because he always wants someone to swim with him. I usually end up in the pool and Adam ends up with a better tan.

I'm excited for my parents to move in to their new condo in the next month or so because they have a beautiful pool their as well. As a matter of fact, their balcony had a great view of it. As much as we love the Y pool, it's nice to be "at home" when your done with your swim. So we're looking forward to our time there this summer.

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