Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Clemson Visit

A couple weekends ago, we took a trip to Clemson to take my youngest brother his car so he would have it for summer school.

Aidan is a lover of his uncle Jordan and an even bigger lover of his school.  He is a Clemson boy for sure.  He's already talking about going to college there.  Which makes his Nana and Grandpa beam with pride and makes his mother want to throw up.  Too soon for college talk people. 

Long story short, he has a Clemson jersey but has been dying for a new one.  So after we had lunch we stopped in to one of the school stores and he decided he wanted a uniform/helmet "costume" combo pack.  And that is just what he got.  The second we paid for it he was dying to wear it.  We made him wait the 4 minute car ride back to my brother's apartment and you would have thought he was going to die.  The second the car was in PARK, he jumped out, stripped down and dressed himself head to toe in his new Clemson gear.  We then kissed Jordan "goodbye" and he wore it for the entire 3 hour drive.  He even fell asleep with the helmet on.  It was a good laugh for Adam, my Mom and myself.   He's a dedicated fan I tell ya.

Notice he has a Clemson paw on his Crocs as well.  The "pads" in the jersey are hilarious! 

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