Friday, May 25, 2012

The Boy Can Swim!!

I think I've mentioned this but my parents have a pool in the backyard of their rental.  So EVERYDAY Aidan asks to go for a swim and since I'm a Mom always looking for something to do to fill time in the evenings before dinner, this has become our nightly ritual. 

The Snake goggles will never get boring. 

We didn't go over there tonight and my Dad called looking for us.  They are getting ready to move in to their condo next week and while they have a gorgeous pool there, we will miss having the pool all to ourselves everyday.   I mean sometimes, the kid swims nakey.  That's not going to be acceptable at "The Castle in Cotswold"  if you know what I mean. 

He's got to work at kicking a little harder but he's getting there!

When we first started swimming over there, Aidan was nervous and refused to swim without his life jacket.  Now we can barely keep him from jumping in the deep end and swimming the length of the pool.  He literally taught himself how to swim. It kind of reminded me of my own childhood.  My grandparents had a pool and my grandfather just threw us all in.  It was sink or swim.  We all swam.

Although this looks like Aidan is drowning, he just wanted me to take a picture of him underwater. 

I'm excited for Aidan that this will be his first summer of camp where he will hopefully pass his swim test and get to swim in the big pool with all the campers!!! 

A little video in case you don't believe me. 


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