Sunday, April 15, 2012

Interview With the Mr.

Do you remember the first time you ever saw me?
Yea. Mike and I had come over to see your brother and you answered the door.  You paid us no attention.  You were sitting on the computer in the kitchen wearing those pink pajamas pants that YOU STILL HAVE.  Mike tried to introduce me and you didn't even turn around.  Bobby wasn't home so we left.

The second time we met, I wasn't much friendlier.  Can you tell us about that? 
The second time was in a bar.  The bar was busy. You were with your sidekick (he's referring to Candace) I had been standing at the bar for ten minutes trying to get a drink and you and Candace walked right up in front of me and ordered.  You and Candace thought you owned the place. Hahahahaha.  (We did.)

Tell me about when you realized you were in love with me?
I don't think there was a moment when I looked at you and "knew".  I had never been in love with anyone.  I dated a lot of girls and when we started dating I knew something was up because I kept wanting to come back for more.  Then before I even knew it had happened, I was in love with you.  Hook, line and sinker baby. 

Favorite memory B.A. (before Aidan)?
When we used to pack up the car on Friday afternoons and head to the beach house in Folly.  I got you all to myself and we went out to good dinners, slept in and spent our afternoons on the beach.  Once in a while we would invite friends to come along. Those were great times.

Is the dog really your best friend?
(Shakes head). Why? I mean he's alright.  The whole "Mans best friend thing"  might be a stretch.  Am I allowed to say I don't like all these questions?

I think it's safe to say you are a workaholic.  Do you know why?
I like money. I like providing.  I like knowing you and Aidan can have whatever you want. I don't want to every have to tell Aidan he can't have something because of money. That was my life growing up and I want better for him.

I think I'm out of questions...

Well Mr. Harvey, we appreciate you and all your hard work and that you fell in love with me. Hee hee.

Sometimes it's fun to hear from someone else right?

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