Thursday, April 19, 2012

Field trip

Among a million other things I love about being back home with Aidan, I have really been enjoying participating in more school stuff again.

The Tuesday after Spring Break, I chaperoned a field trip to the Nature Museum on the back side of Freedom Park. Our Discovery Place membership gets us free access so my mom has taken Aidan a few times but this was my first visit. It's a lovely facility and the people that work there are great!

The kids loved the box turtle.

I decided when the snake was taken out, I would move to the far corner of the room. I didn't make a big deal of it but I am TERRIFIED of snakes. The nice young woman brought it right over to me and I did everything in my power not to jump out of my skin in front of Aidan.

This was the bearded dragon. Just my luck, right after the snake incident, he sat there while we learned about him for about five minutes and then promptly turned and made a bee line right for me. I swear I kept saying "April, be calm, be calm". I felt like such a p word.

Aidan and his best buds Ford and Dylan. I think Bobby is in there too. If I had a dollar for everytime I've heard him mention those names...I'd be shopping instead of blogging. Amiright Candace? Mom?
That is Aidan's little chub hands on the turtle so I had to include it.

When Aidan was born, we actually had a little turtle named Franklin. We gave him (her?) away to an elementary school a few years ago. I made the mistake of telling Aidan and now he won't zip it about getting HIS turtle back!

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Logan Stewart said...

Hi April,

Thanks for the post about Charlotte Nature Museum! We are so glad you all were able to visit.

Logan Stewart
Manager, Marketing & PR, Discovery Place