Sunday, April 15, 2012

Heaven is Here I was thinking I was so smart with our iPad and JUST TONIGHT I realized I could download Kindle on it for free! So I did and since I had been wondering when I was going to make time to get Stephanie Nielson's new book "Heaven is Here", I took it upon myself to jump on Amazon and buy it and I was thrilled two seconds later the entire thing was at my fingertips. Did I just make myself sound so blonde or what?
I, like many bloggers start a lot of sentences with "I read this blog..." and hers is one I feel like I am always telling people is a must read. I've only read the first few chapters and I maybe done by tomorrow. It's that good!!! Do yourself a favor and get a copy!

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Netherland said...

This book illustrates the strength that comes from faith in God, in family and in yourself. It makes my everyday problems seem extremely petty and helps me put into perspective what is truy important. Thanks for sharing your unbelievable experiences!