Thursday, June 30, 2011

Learning To Golf

My husband is good at everything.  He can pick up anything, quickly.  He is less of a sit on the sofa and watch sports and more of a get out and play them type of guy.  Recently he decided he wanted to pick up golf again after not playing in years.  Once his mind is set on something he becomes very dedicated.  He has spent every extra hour he has on the course these past few weeks and our front lawn is littered with golf balls.  I was coming down the street after work the other night and I thought it was so cute that Adam had Aidan out in the yard and they were practicing their "swing" together.  Anything Adam does, Aidan wants to do. 

 Took a time out to chit chat with Mommy.  He is such a talker.

I made cupcakes. That's what girls do when guys tear up the grass play golf in the front yard.

Uncle Bobby came by for a bit and Aidan demonstrated the perfect way to take a break from working too hard in this heat!

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Jessica said...

so that bond between dads and sons.